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Bronze sculpture "Modersmaalet". Niels Hansen Jacobsen. Year 1903

  "Our Mother Tongue". Niels Hansen Jacobsen. Patinated bronze figure from 1903

Niels Hansen Jacobsen, b. in Vejen 1861 / d. in Vejen 1941. Denmark

Signed: NHJ, 1903

The large original cut granite sculpture was placed in "Skibelund Krat" near Askov in 1903.

A young crowned woman, and the Danish patriots, poet Edvard Lembcke and historian A. D. Jørgensen, are watching the Danish lands, Sønderjylland, that were lost in 1864 and later regained in 1920.

H: 47 cm

With dedikation from 1915

In good, original condition
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